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5 Things You Need To Know About Jewellery Repairs

Here are five essential things every jewellery lover must know about jewellery repairs to get the most out of this service and extend the life of your gems.

Jewellery is often expensive but worth investing in for the sheer love of beauty, fine art and exquisite gems. Sometimes it has sentimental value or is a family heirloom passed down through several generations. In either case, any kind of damage is devastating and you will need reliable jewellery repair services. This article highlights 5 important things you need to know about jewellery repairs so you can make the best decision about preserving your most valued jewels.

1. The Difference Between Repair And Restoration While these terms sound quite similar, it is important to know the difference between jewellery repair and restoration. Restoration and remodelling are often done when you need to revitalise old and tired-looking jewellery that has lost its lustre or shape due to age and wear and tear. Jewellery repairs are a bit more intensive and may involve cutting, resizing and replacing parts, links or batteries in the case of watches.

2. Take Before & After Pictures

Once you’ve decided to seek repair services from a jeweller, it’s a good idea to take a before picture of the damage and then another picture after the repairs are completed. This way, you can compare the two and inspect the quality of repairs done. If you notice any tool marks, rough edges or loose stone, tell your jeweller immediately so these can be rectified to prevent further damage and disappointment down the line.

3. Almost Anything Can Be Repaired By A Specialist

Many people discard broken jewellery, assuming that it is irreparable. But with modern technology, you’ll be surprised at how much can be repaired. Before you give up, take your jewellery to an experienced jewellery repair specialist and ask them to look at the extent of the damage. Your jeweller will tell you what needs to be done so that you can keep your favourite jewellery with minimal loss to its value.

4. Bring Original Paperwork

This is especially important for diamonds or other precious jewels of high monetary value. Just in case there are any insurance issues, it’s recommended to take along your original paperwork, such as receipts or guarantee certificates. This will also give your jeweller a better idea of the value of your jewels and he/she can advise you further.

5. Choose A Trusted, Certified Jeweller

Lastly, select a local jeweller who is established and trusted in fine jewellery repair. Ask to see certification and a portfolio for peace of mind. Some jewellers may even display their certification on the wall in their store, and this will just help you feel reassured that your jewellery is in safe hands.

Jeffrey McConaghy Jeweller is renowned for bespoke jewellery design, remodelling and restoration and jewellery repairs in Queensland. Contact us for a quote or to know more about what we do.

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